Octava HD41-ARC-UK - 4x1 HDMI ARC + Digital Audio switch

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Octava HD41-ARC-UK - 4x1 HDMI ARC + Digital Audio switch
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The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch + ARC is a complete HD video and audio switch solution designed to work with HDTV's with ARC and your existing audio receiver system.....Read More
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Octava HD41-ARC-UK - 4x1 HDMI ARC + Digital Audio switch
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Audio return channel Octava dvi-d support Octava Clear eye IR Sensor

Key Features

  • Compatible with SONOS PLAYBAR
  • Compatible with Smart TVs
  • Switch 4 HDMI sources to 1 output
  • 3D support, 1080P
  • 4 Optical Audio Inputs
  • 1 Optical Audio Output
  • View one source, listen to a different source
  • Supports high resolution video 480p, 720i/p, 1080i/p
  • Remote Control (IR) included, Discrete Code allows direct channel control.
  • External IR socket for in cabinet installation
  • RS-232 Control Program Included
  • Enables simple integration of ARC enabled Display with non-HDMI AV Amp
  • 1 RU mountable, Rack mounts included
  • Octava IR Receiver Cable optional (required for in-cabinet installation)


  • Discrete IR codes - simplifies integration with your Programmable remote or Control system
  • LED On/Off - dim the Source indictor LED when viewing in the dark
  • Credit Card remote - small form factor remote with discrete buttons for all major functions
  • Front Toggle - quickly select any one of your HDMI or Audio Source signals
  • Rear IR Port - hardwire an IR ‘Magic Eye’ to enable discrete location of the Switch in a cupboard or AV cabinet
  • RS232 Port - control the system from any Control System (AMX, Control4, Crestron etc.) or a PC running the Free Octava control App
  • USB Port - enables simple and efficient PC based Firmware updates
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Combining a Four Input HDMI switch with a Four Input Optical Digital Audio switch this unit is ideal for customers who own an HDMI equipped TV plus a Home Theater system with an Optical Digital Audio Input.

Uniquely, the HD41-ARC includes an ARC compliant HDMI Output port - connect the Switch to your ARC enabled TV and you can route the TV Digital Audio via the HD41-ARC Optical Output to your AV Amp. Connect an HDMI cable and an Optical Digital Audio cable from each Source to the HD41-ARC. Connect a single HDMI cable from the Switch to your TV and a single Optical cable from the switch to your AV Amp’s Digital Audio Input.

The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch + ARC includes: 4 HDMI inputs, 4 Optical Audio inputs, 1 Optical Audio output, and 1 HDMI output with ARC support.

The Optical Audio Output can operate in 3 modes which allow total flexibility to users:
1) Convert HDMI Input source to Optical Audio Format
2) Convert HDMI ARC from HDTV to Optical Audio Format
3) Switch directly from 4 Optical inputs to the Optical Output

HDMI is backward compatible with DVI-D. This switch will work with either DVI or HDMI. We understand that you may have a "mixed" system and require different cables. We allow you to choose the type of cable that you need during purchase. The HD41-ARC is the first switch in our range to include USB port to enable simple Firmware updates. When used in the Optical switching mode, the Optical source can be independent from HDMI source selection. For example, you may view a video on the HDTV while listening to a different audio source via Optical Input.

The inbuilt HDMI 1.3 compliant 'Clear Eye' technology ensures your source signals arrive at your display in pristine condition. Our proprietary Clear EYETM transmission line and ISI reduction design will improve the digital video signals. Smart ScanTM algorithm intelligently selects the correct HDMI source so you can enjoy the program instead of fumbling with the remote. Use the supplied Credit Card style remote to toggle Video + Audio in tandem or toggle Video or Audio independently - allowing you to view one Source and Listen to a different Source.


Rear IR socker allows you to install the switch within your AV cabinet.

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